Wow, what a long day… We start the vocal sessions, and believe me – when you try to erase the wrong accents you’ve used for years, it’s not an easy work. I must thank Pete Brown and Rob Cass for they work and patience in following every single word I’ve sung. It’s not something you do every day, singing in a booth in front of a super-microphone that enhances every single detail of your voice – the good and the bad ones…

At Abbey Road Studios, new ideas can arrive in any moment. Good musical vibrations are all over, and even a short afternoon break with our brilliant technician Matt Jones can change a song – in the legendary Studio 2 we find a special instrument: the celesta. It’s the one (exactly the one!) used by George Martin for the solo on “Baby, it’s you” of The Beatles and for the Harry Potter Theme

It was the sound I was looking for on an intro of a song.

A good lesson: you can have all the plug-ins-digital-solutions-state-of-the-art-technology-futuristics-whatever. But sometimes, “all you need is a celesta”.