A sunny sunday morning. We’re completely alone at the Studios. Just us. It’s incredible.

If they told me, when I was 15, “one day, in another millennium, you’ll have the whole Abbey Road Studios for you and your band”, it would have sounded like science fiction.

Well, here we are… it’s a great sensation. Really great.

The day has been relaxed but very productive. We’ve recorded all the songs of the album in 2 days. I mean, the basic tracks. I’ll do my vocal track in the next two days.

In the afternoon Pete Brown arrives: we’ve co-written the songs of the album, and he will be with us for the next days.

I like to invite guests on my album projects. Pete suggested to invite a young man, a rock singer: “Believe Mike, he’s great”. So, we meet Nathan James: his band Inglorious just entered the UK Charts at #10. Excellent!!!

Nathan is a wonderful rock singer, and performs greatly.

Tomorrow is another day. Time to sleep now.