Ergo Sum

Ergo Sum

Produced at the Abbey Road Studios by Rob Cass, this album is Mike Sponza’s “big” project: to translate in blues Latin poems written 2000 years ago.

Inspiration comes from Catullus, Horatius, Martialis, Lucilius.
Wonderful vocal performances comes from Ian Siegal and Dana Gillespie.
Reviewed enthusiastically worldwide!

Available as CD, Deluxe Vinyl Edition and digital format

Additional Info

  • Title: Ergo Sum - Mike Sponza feat. Ian Siegal & Dana Gillespie
  • Year: 2016
  • Label: Epops Music
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  • Tracklist: 1. Modus In Rebus (feat. Ian Siegal)
    2. Carpe Diem (feat. Ian Siegal)
    3. Penelope (feat. Ian Siegal)
    4. The Thin Line (feat. Dana Gillespie)
    5. See How the Man (feat. Ian Siegal)
    6. Poor Boy
    7. Kiss Me (feat. Ian Siegal)
    8. Prisoner of Jealousy (feat. Ian Siegal)

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