Made In The Sixties

Written alongside legendary songwriter, Pete Brown, the record, which is also being released on vinyl, is the Italian bluesman’s personal tribute to the sixties. In ten tracks, one for each year of the decade, Mike Sponza and Pete Brown recount the brightest and darkest moments of the historic period from the Cold War to the Cuban missile crisis, the murder of John F. Kennedy, the artistic turning point of Bob Dylan and the student movement of '68 among others.

 “An album dedicated to the '60s,” says Mike Sponza, “a decade that fascinates me in so many ways. There is so much to say about it ... I was also born in that period. I had been thinking about writing an album about that decade for a long time. Ten songs, one for each year. Ten stories inspired by events, facts, people, cultures and  ideas that intertwine to look at the Sixties from a double perspective: on one hand the glamor and swing, and on the other, the dark and problematic side. Those ten controversial years, filtered through different musical languages: rock to Latin, pop to acoustic, soul to rock'n'roll, changed youth culture forever. The collaboration with Pete Brown was essential for expressing this.” 


Ergo Sum

Produced at the Abbey Road Studios by Rob Cass, this album is Mike Sponza’s “big” project: to translate in blues Latin poems written 2000 years ago.


Mike Sponza & C.E.O.

A live recording of Mike Sponza’s full orchestra project.
Recorded in Italy with the 30 pieces ensemble of RTV SLO, directed by Maestro Primoz Grasic, this album is an example of how blues music can be arranged for strings, brasses, and a full blues band.


Continental Shuffle

The third “chapter” of the European project is now Continental! 35 blues artists from 15 EU countries perform together only original songs on this double album.


Kakanik Blues

An ambitious project: to unite for the first time some of the finest blues musicians of Central Europe on an organic project.  


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